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Shaman and Healer

Julie stephenson Motivational Speaker Healer Photographer Writer Artist ShamanI have a deep connection with the Natural world have been recognised by respected Shaman around the world as one of their peers. I am a gifted Healer and Seer.

I am called a master healer or shaman, yet it is not I who does the healing. It is ultimately yourself who is the healer. I am the facilitator for your healing and through my gifts in a sacred space, create the opportunity where energies within your body are realigned in harmony and balance. Healing results – simple as that.

Through my Kahuna bodywork, I devote myself wholeheartedly to be of service to my clients in the sacred space of my healing room and use my abilities, intuition and loving touch; whereby your healing journey is one where you connect deeply with yourself to support creating the stasis where you can open to the possibilities of living a life where you are resonating in harmony; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am available to work with all those who are guided to me; and am regarded and highly respected as a ‘healers healer’.


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Wamuran, Sunshine Coast. Brisbane, Queensland Australia