The Shape of Cold – Antarctica Art

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As an explorer in the space of raw isolation and extremes, I saw and felt the shape of cold. The 'Shape of Cold' exposes itself in an environment where no indigenous peoples could say it was their home - Antarctica. These shapes began to reveal to me the nature not only of this profoundly exquisite and powerful place; but of the nature of myself.

In our times where climate change is controversial yet evident in the polar caps where ice sheets are retreating and glaciers are calving and moving at unprecedented rates; most people are far removed from the effects of how we live.

My journeys to the polar regions of both Antarctica and Greenland have enabled me to experience and witness the changes of our planet and through my connection and photographs I offer others an opportunity to have greater awareness and connection to our incredibly beautiful planet and our place as a part of it.

2017 - Winner IPA International Photo Award Book Photographer of the Year 

2017 - Winner IPA International Nature Book 

2017 Winner Fine Art Book and winner - First Place Winner of all of the book categories in the Moscow International Foto Awards.