About Julie Stephenson | Photographer | Artist | Journeywoman

Julie Stephenson_Motivational and Inspirational speaker Healer

“Julie is a journey-woman. Julie is an artist. Julie is a Shaman and gifted healer. Julie is a photographer. Julie is an observer, orator and creator. Julie is a guiding light.”

I am an explorer of experience. I am an adventurer into the unknown. I am Curious, Creative and Live Boldly.

I explore the mystery of the Unseen and see the world through intent observation and adore using words, images and artworks as a narrative of my experience.

I have travelled the world extensively; published several books; exhibited and have my work in collections around the world; and speak about my experiences in supporting other’s life goals.

I have a deep connection with the Natural world have been recognised by respected Shaman around the world as one of their peers.

It is through my experience and my developing awareness, that I learn more about myself. My aim through this connection with my-Self is to live where I am expressing myself fully in alignment with the essence of who I am; and share with others how this is possible for themselves as well. In this exploration, I am experiencing a deeper connection with the unseen.

Explore my website through my journeys as a Fine Art photographer and writer; artworks as an artist; an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker; and as a Shaman and Healer. Journey with me through the landscapes of my experience.


Come with me adventuring the unknown.


Julie is a journey-woman - of the world and of conciousness. Join Julie here on her website through her JOURNAL Posts and Photograph Galleries of her journeys across oceans; into the deserts; up into the mountains; to the ice and learn from her how to dive into living!!!



Photographer and Artist

Julie has a unique way of seeing the world. Julie's photographs and artworks express her deep personal connection with the landscape and the 'unseen'.



Shaman and Healer

I have a deep connection with the Natural world have been recognised by respected Shaman around the world as one of their peers. I am a gifted Healer and Seer. My Healing sessions are "....actually quite profound and somethign about it felt very ancient." (client feedback) Receiving a Healing from Julie will mark a fork in the road for YOU!



Julie is a born teacher and through her fascinating personal stories combined with her knowledge and well structured "take-away's" for YOU; Julie's speaking engagements and visual presentations about her incredible journeys are both entertaining and inspiring.

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