The Ice Breathes – Antarctica Photography

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The Ice Breathes


The ice transforms from inanimate to animate for those who can feel the earth as a living entity. I felt the Anima Mundi of the earth.


Antarctica is a continent which to the best of our knowledge no indigenous peoples called as their home; yet if they had, I am certain they too would have connected with the energy of the living earth as I did; and represented this connection through totems, markings, body paint, and talismans as they have done in traditional cultures right across the globe for millennia.


This series of images represents the visible representing the invisible. It represents the transformation of my perception from the known of what is tangible, to what is intangible – the anima mundi; yet for me so visceral.


As a shaman, I felt and understood in those moments of experience in this pristine environment of Antarctica, my perceptions of existence transform and evolve as I felt the ice breathe.