As an artist I see the world and express my connection within it in a unique way.



Photography is my primary medium and the source material from which my artworks are created.

As a photographer, I hear through my eyes. I am an observer. I listen to my inner response to what I see through my lens.

When I am using my camera – nothing else matters. I am totally immersed in seeing and feeling. I am observing my surroundings and my subject matter; and I am observing my own response to what I see. Using my camera allows me to literally focus on living in any moment.

My photographs are an expression of my deep connection with the earth.

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Antarctica photographs


whale tonga coutage motivation julie stephenson

Julie Stephenson Photographer Iceland 1








red gallery Kimberley exhibitionMy exhibition from the Kimberly Region of Western Australia investigating geology and time, is an exploration of my place in the timeline of the earth. I use pastels, watercolour, perspex, and my photographs printed on to clear film; to create an exhibition which poses questions about the responsibility we should play with the Earth “In our hands”.

I have exhibited bodies of work exploring the vortex and bubbles in water in the exhibitions ‘The nature of Infinity’ and ‘Beneath and Beyond’; family and the verandah space in ‘Hindsight’; and currently working on a body of work in relation to shamanism in the Polar regions.

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I have self-published a book “With the Roof Off” from our journey driving a 93 year old vintage car through India, Bhutan and Myanmar. This Collector’s Edition copy can be purchased by clicking the thumbnail – My next book “The Shape of Cold” of my photographs from Antarctica will be available soon and I am writing my next book on our recent journey driving from Peking to Paris in our 93 year old vintage car!

Bhutan book vintage car journey