Dec 16

An introduction….

I’ve received such lovely DM’s as a response to my last post; and many people commenting that they didn’t know I was an artist…. so I thought it was time I formally introduced myself.


Over the past year or so, a few words kept coming into my mind… Curious. Creative. Living Boldly.  … and those words pretty much sum up what I’m about and how I live my life… and in doing so, I endeavour to be kind, respectful and loving.


I am an artist with my foundation medium in photography. As an observer I learn much about the unseen connections within the natural world. I am a creative and love working with my hands, and love flows through them. My hands are one of my gifts and I’m privileged to be able to use them as a healer. I’ve been recognised by Shaman around the world as one of their peers. From early childhood I’ve always been a maker and creator. In the past couple of years I’ve recommenced my expression in the fibre-arts through knitting, weaving, spinning; and designing motifs from my journeys for my knitwear. I’m grateful to have found the designer Stephen West @westknits and been inspired by Mr West’s deep passion and Soul-filled creativity. I’ve a deep love and connection with the natural world and love my hands in the earth as I plant in our vegetable garden and home orchards.


I’ve travelled the world extensively; published several books; exhibited, have my work in collections, and speak about my experiences to audiences around the world.


As with most people, I’ve had some bumps in the road and boulders in my path – challenges we all encounter. Deep grief; financial difficulties; and auto-immune diseases which accompany me as I navigate each day around them. For me, life is living all this.


My life however would not be so rich and full, if it were not for the loving relationships I have with my family, friends and those I meet and interact with along my path. I am deeply content within myself, yet sharing love with others seems to be the intangible ingredient which for me gives my life such meaning.


In these photos I’m in Tibet with the Himalayas in the background, wearing my beautiful #texturetimeshawl by Stephen West at @westknits

About the Author:
I am a Journeywoman. I live my life as an explorer. An adventurer. An Observer. An Artist. There is no differentiation between how I live my life and the art that is an expression of it. It is through my experience adventuring the unknown, that I learn more about myself. My aim through this connection is to live where my expression is fully in alignment with the essence of who I am. “In the field of Fine-Art Photography, Julie stands apart from others with the way she sees the world and expresses her connection within it. Julie Stephenson’s photographs are sublime. Her work is an expression of her deep connection; and a gift to the world.”

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