‘The Shape of Cold’ – Antarctica Black and White Photographs; Sneak Peek :-) …..

‘The Shape of Cold’ my next book of beautiful black and white photographs from my first journey to Antarctica is well on it’s way to be published!!!! Online Flip Book for a sneak peek! I had to put a little hold on it so I wasn’t rushing the final selection of images before our epic Peking to Paris drive…. and now it is signed off for the publication run!! 🙂


I have been having the BEST time over the past couple of weeks completing this book. I realised my Peking to Paris book is a monumental research task and realistically won’t be completed until the middle of next year… so I am finalising this publication first. Here is a sneak peek! :-)… just a snippet. 🙂


It WAS a cold place… but with adequate clothing I was snug… yet the extreme and exquisite environment was truly humbling. I will always remember the spaces and shapes on this remarkable adventure.


Whilst in Antarctica I learned a new way of interacting with the landscape; a way of observing the dynamic quality of the forces of nature and experiencing the power and beauty of this profound and exquisite part of the planet – but underlying this I also questioned how climate change is impacting this pristine environment.


I was profoundly moved by this experience and want to share what I saw and felt in this vast space where even in the wind and snow there seemed to be such serenity. I felt within me the effect of observing the shape of the ice; and in doing so I developed a deeper comprehension of harmony and interaction.


I asked myself what happens to these shapes of cold if it get’s ‘warmer’; but I chose not to include that in the dialogue in the book because I didn’t want to preach to my readers.


The purpose of my book is to share the intimate experience I had with exploring the beauty in how nature sculpted the shape of cold; and let my expression of that connection through my photographs provide the impetus for personal inquiry into the preservation of our environment.


I will keep you updated on the launch date for this beautiful book of fine art black and white photographs from Antarctica. I’m aiming for the first week in December – so you have the opportunity to purchase this beautiful edition as a perfect Christmas gift. hehe. 🙂


I will again be printing only a small run of Limited Edition Collectors books, so please let me know if you want me to specifically keep you updated on the date when I open my orders online.


Pop to this link – More Black and White Images from Antarctica – Some of these are included in ‘the Shape of Cold’ and there are many in the book which aren’t in that gallery. Enjoy looking at my photographs of this truly remarkable environment.


And Click for more photographs of my trip to Antarctica in 2016 here. 

About the Author:
I am a Journeywoman. I live my life as an explorer. An adventurer. An Observer. An Artist. There is no differentiation between how I live my life and the art that is an expression of it. It is through my experience adventuring the unknown, that I learn more about myself. My aim through this connection is to live where my expression is fully in alignment with the essence of who I am. “In the field of Fine-Art Photography, Julie stands apart from others with the way she sees the world and expresses her connection within it. Julie Stephenson’s photographs are sublime. Her work is an expression of her deep connection; and a gift to the world.”

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