Adventuring the unknown.
Helsinki… Things to do wandering in this beautiful city…
On our way to Murmansk in Russia for the North East passage Northern Sea Route journey; we stopped in Helsinki for a week.   Helsinki is beautiful. Quiet. Clean. Had such a lovely feel to it. Max and I walked about 10kms a day and immersed ourselves totally in the city area to acclimate our body clock before our epic sea journey north of Russia.   Language wasn't an issue, and
Aug 28
Aeroplane view over China and Mongolia….
Breathtaking! "We have driven down near there Jule."..Max said as we peered with an aeroplane view from 30,000 feet over China and Mongolia on our way to Helsinki. It was absolutely incredible knowing that we had driven in Penny, our 93 year old vintage car - just to the north along parts of the Gobi desert. I was so moved seeing from the air the landscape we had driven in the 2016 Peking to Paris car rally. It really hit me with such gratitude what an amazing life I have and how many incredible experiences I manage to fit into my life!   Now in Murmansk about to board the Akademik Shokalskiy for the
Aug 09
in Courage
What is your life about?….
What is your life about? I saw myself in the mirror whilst I was recording our outing in Rosie, our beautiful 1921 Rolls Royce and I had this unusual feeling......
Vision – New Greenland photograph gallery
Click button to view new  Vision - Greenland Gallery
Definition of vision 1a:  the act or power of seeing: sight   b:  the special sense by which the qualities of an object (such as color, luminosity, shape, and size) constituting its appearance are perceived through a process in which light rays entering the eye are transformed by the retina into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve 2a:  something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially:  a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation  b: a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination  c:  a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial. 3a:  the act or power of imagination b(1):  mode of seeing or conceiving (2):  unusual discernment or foresight a person ofvision  c:  direct mystical awareness of the supernatural usually in visible form 4a:  something seen  b:  a lovely or charming sight Merriam Webster
I won the Book Category in Moscow International Foto Awards!
Hehe... I won first place of all the book categories in the Moscow International Foto Awards with my recent publication 'The Shape of Cold'. I won my entered sub-category of 'Fine Art Book'; then won First in all the book categories. I just received an invitation to the presentation ceremony; but can't manage another Russian Visa since I already have one commencing on the 27th August for our trip through the North-East Passage along the north of Russia for 28 days.  How wonderful that my connection with Antarctica, and my expression of how I saw and felt 'The Shape of Cold" is now being seen by people all around the world.  You can purchase your copy here.
Screening of video ‘The Ice Breathes’ at ANIMA MUNDI 2017, the International Art Festival in Venice!
I'm off to Venice in August on our way to Russia; to view a screening of my short moving image video 'The Ice Breathes. This is such a wonderful art festival alongside the Venice Art Biennale, and I feel so privileged to have my photographs and video being screened during the ANIMA MUNDI 2017, the International Art Festival.
“The glorious gift to age and greet another day”
“The glorious gift to age and greet another day”. What a beautiful sentence shared by a lovely lady as a comment on one of my recent Instagram posts. I spoke about witnessing my body change with scars from experience and surgeries and how I feel about watching my beautiful body change and age as time passes; and how this revealed itself to me through listening to one of my photographs from Antarctica. It seemed that she too embraced the privilege of being alive!  I hear so much not only whilst clicking the shutter; but whenever I take the time to listen to my photographs. Below are some recent photographs and some thoughts which came to me whilst looking at each of them, during this time of healing and rehabilitation from an accident and recent surgery. There have been some very difficult periods in my recuperation, where I’ve needed to focus on really looking after myself and healing my knee otherwise further surgery may have been necessary. Fortunately I have committed to myself and have the wonderful opportunity (now that the anaesthetic has not so much impact on my cognitive ability! lol); to dive into listening to my photographs from some of […]
Apr 01
To take notice…
I was asked the other day by a friend how to choose a fulfilling path in life. Perhaps it is simply to – ‘Take notice’. I will explain – and although a bit of a read… may illuminate something for you.   I was a little taken aback when my friend asked me, since I felt that I myself was a novice at this..LOL.. and then she said… “Julie. Look, you have had incredible ups and downs – but look where you are now. Look at how you are known and respected throughout the world and how you inspire so many. You have the most incredible life, and even after the most traumatic of circumstances even most recently – you still have so many things opening up to you – one after another. How do you do it? What do you do? Tell me what you think.” …. So I will share here some of my thoughts I shared with my girlfriend.   I had to think for a moment when she asked and what came to me instantly was – “To take notice.” “Take notice of everything. All the signs. All the circumstances. What you are feeling. What is within […]
Mar 26
in Arctic
‘The Arctic Circle’ residency… Svalbard….I’ve been invited!!! Such a privilege …..
"The Arctic Circle is a nexus where art intersects science, architecture and activism—an incubator for thought and experimentation for artists and innovators who seek out and foster areas of collaboration to engage in the central issues of our time.".... and I have the privilege of being part of this incredible residency. Wooo Hooo!!! During October 2018, I will be spending nearly 3 weeks on a the Antigua - a barquentine tall ship in the Arctic environs of Svalbard, Spitsbergen, with a group of creatives and scientists; where I will continue to explore my connection with the Arctic and the expression of that through my photographs and artwork. I honestly can't contain my excitement and enthusiasm to be invited to be a participant in this highly respected and sought after residency. I will be regularly posting my preparation and updates not only leading up to the expedition; but also after my journey and subsequent exhibitions and speaking engagements. This residency will follow a month in the north of Norway in March; for the residency I was invited to attend by the La Wayaka Current. I'm off to the cold.. and my newfound love - frozen water!!!!
Mar 20
in Courage
My grumble…. Please stop the accepted practice of stealing others photographs!
Ok.. today I am having a grumble. It has become commonplace for many people to incorrectly think it is OK to use someone else’s photographs to illustrate their own website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram or other social media account. It just isn’t cool! Using without permission someone else’s photograph to put as a background profile picture on Facebook… or to use for some Motivational slogan on an Instagram post… or to use to catch people’s eye for your benefit… is just NOT cool. It is stealing. If you havent taken the photograph yourself, then you need permission to use it unless it has a ‘Free Commons’ licence. Just because you can’t find the artist (probably because someone else has already ripped the photograph off) doesn’t make it right to use it. A shift in awareness and responsibility needs to be made – to stop the ripping and stealing from others. If you have friends or family who you notice have used images which aren’t their own…they are not bad people… it is just that they havent realised that using someone else’s photographs is stealing…. and perhaps we all need to find some courage to gently ask them if it was their […]
Melbourne Art Book Fair – Momento Pro – My two books being displayed
I have been approached by Momento Pro to ask if they could display my two self-published books "The Shape of Cold" and "Where Do They Go"; during the Melbourne Art Book Fair. How wonderful that my books have this opportunity to speak to a wider audience. So - if you would like to feel these lovely books in your own hands and see my beautiful photographs; and to be inspired to have a go at publishing your own books - pop to the Melbourne Art Book Fair and look for the Momento Pro stand. I have found the staff at Momento Pro to be absolutely brilliant to work with and the quality of their publications to be outstanding. Melbourne Art Book Fair - 16th to 19th March.
Shortlisted for ‘The Arctic Circle Residency’ – Tall ship in Svalbard (jumping for joy!)
I am SOOOOOOOO excited... jumping for joy!!!!!. I have just received notification that I have been shortlisted for 'The Arctic Circle Residency' on the specially rigged tall ship which sails within the region of Svalbard in the Arctic. "Artists and scientists led, The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residency program. The Arctic Circle brings together international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators who collectively explore remote and fascinating destinations aboard a specially outfitted sailing vessel. The Arctic Circle provides a shared experience for its participants to engage in myriad issues relevant to our time and to develop professionally through interdisciplinary collaborations, exhibit opportunities, and public and classroom engagement. The Arctic Circle is administered by The Farm Foundation for the Arts & Sciences, Inc. a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit in New York State." The next round of selection processes will be complete on March 24th... so... until then... :-) .. enjoy my new love - frozen water!  The Arctic Circle Website
Feb 20
I have a new love… frozen water…
Oh my goodness... I have fallen in love with frozen water. It first started when I travelled to the US in 2009 and it snowed... and I was just soooo excited. Then a few years later I was captivated by the ice formations and expanses of white in Antarctica... The Shapeof Cold opened up a way of experiencing landscape I had never felt before. Then to Greenland... and I developed a deeper sense of wonder for the icebergs which calved of glaciers... frozen time. Then to my second journey to Antarctica where the icebergs had a more significant emotional effect for me. ... and now.... skiing in the snow.... and sitting on the edge of a forest in the silent snowstorm was just so magical... and the phenomenon of it snowing in a space void of all sound was just captivating and breathtaking. I love frozen water.... and I have only realised just today that the subject matter for my first photographic exhibitions were water..... and now they too are of water but in a frozen form... and both have provided such mystery and magic for not only my photographs but personally as well.   I hope to continue to experience this incredible world of frozen water... in ice... and snow... and cold!!! Click READ MORE to see some more short little video clips and pics....
Feb 03
What I heard whilst watching this ice waterfall…..

Sometimes it is good to stop and take a few moments to see and experience more than just what appears on the surface - no matter how it first appears. Sometimes there is more wonder, movement and power beyond the surface.

Pause.. breathe.. dive deeply into living! Look and search for what is behind and beyond what you can just see glimpses of!

I heard this whilst watching the water in this amazing ice waterfall.

Feb 03
On the road… snow from Salt Lake City to Banff…
What a wonderful journey. I am in love with snow!!! To ski on... to play in... and to look at. Ice waterfalls.... snow mountains... moisture for the land in spring. I know it isn't much fun for those who live here in the slush... but I am finding the snow and cold just wonderful! It is -21 here today in Banff... with a maximum of -8... brrrrr... but I am rugged up and off to do another hike around this spectacular landscape. The ice waterfalls are magical. Pop to this link to a gallery to follow the road trip from Salt Lake to Banff in the snow!!
Jan 25
A quick peek at Whistler…. blue-bird day!
A quick pan from the top of a lift at Whistler on a blue-bird day … my third day learning to ski! Woo-hooo
Jan 23
OMG… I am hooked on skiing… it is sooooo much fun!!!!
Well…. skiing is incredible!!! I am astounded at how amazing it is. I started with a lesson…learning how to clip my boots on to my skis… and then off we went… and I havent looked back…. just forward to where gravity takes me!   I have to say though it is a bit nerve wracking… learning to be “in control” all the time is the key… and time and focussing on my technique and awareness of what my body is doing is what my task is.   I followed Max on one run into the white fluffy stuff and he was yelling out “NOOOO” …. and when he got up he said he forgot I was following him and was trying to tell me to stay on the groomed bit. Mistake number one – leading me to the powder!!! OMG…. I stayed up and LOVED going through that white fluffy stuff on the shoulder of the run.   I have a VERY long way to go to say I am in the least bit competent …. but I am having the BEST time experiencing something new.   I also experienced something quite magical whilst it was snowing at Alta. The […]
Jan 17
“..This is Living. This is pushing boundaries.” … my words published in ERA Book “Driving the Impossible” by Gerard Brown
"This is living. This is pushing boundaries".   Max read out a short paragraph on the first page of Gerard Brown's book from Peking to Paris... and I thought to myself.... "Hey, I know those words. I wrote them! hehehe. Gerard Brown used my words from my feedback form for the Peking to Paris as an introduction to Gerard's book; and hearing them read again made me realise how many things in my life I push boundaries with... and how many things in my life I can truly say "This is living."   I've realised that I DO push boundaries. I DO live to the fullest. I embrace everything I do with a full open heart with passion and a willingness to dive in and to really  'go there' wholeheartedly. I recognise that sometimes doing this has led me to seriously fall flat on my face; and probably where my greatest learning has been derived. I also recognise that my approach to living has enabled the most incredibly rich experiences and a wonderful life for which I receive so much Universal support; and after my recent trip to Bhutan, realise that perhaps 'karma' is organically manifesting in my life right now.   There is no way I can live without pushing boundaries. I can't let fear cripple me. I live and love wholeheartedly. Thank you Gerard for popping my words in the beginning of your fabulous book of our drive from Peking to Paris - which WAS extraordinary. I want to also be able to say for everythign I do that "This is pushing boundaries."  "This is living."
Jan 11
in Bhutan
Photographs from Bhutan – gallery
Jan 06
in Bhutan
Journey across Bhutan… 3 weeks of family and friendship.
This collection of photographs is from a recent journey to Bhutan with my friend… a journey which marked yet another point in my life. Our guide Sangay Dhendup – the BEST guide in Bhutan; and our driver Dawa Gyeltshen – the BEST driver in Bhutan; welcomed us not only into Bhutan but their families as well. Get a tea and a coffee and journey with me for 30 minutes – from our 3 week exploration from Guwahati in India before entering Bhutan from the East; to the sights of the Himalayas leaving Bhutan in the West – to see how this experience was a journey of a lifetime.
Bittersweet love… “I love you for what you have done for me”
Bittersweet love - Recently from a girlfriend I received a hug with the words .. "I am so grateful and I love you for what you have done for me." Now on the surface this may sound like a beautiful 'thank you' ... but I actually don't want to be loved for what I have done to support others. I want to be loved for who I am - NOT what I have done for someone... and I don't do things to be loved by others. I do things in support of others because I have a privileged life and I WANT to in caring for them and loving them... NOT for
Jan 03
#tennisfan hahahaha….. lightening up on a hot Qld summer’s day at the tennis!
#tennisfan hahahaha..... lightening up on a hot Qld summer's day at the tennis! Off I went to the tennis. ..Haven't been for probably 30 years and this year was the year of instead of saying "I would love to go to the Brisbane International tennis one year".. this year was it! ;-)   I hopped on a train and then
Dec 29
Qld summer ….Back home for 3 weeks and new adventures ahead!!
Qld summer... just wonderful! Cicadas. Dragonflies. Koels. Sweaty mountain walks with the afternoon sea breeze. Hot balmy days with the cricket and tennis.... skinny dipping in the pool ......the smell of freshly mown grass and the oils from the eucalypts in the hot long days.   I'm back home after an incredible journey to Bhutan... and
Dec 23
“If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts, happiness follows him like a never departing shadow.” Dhammapada
Buddha - Dhammapada  - “If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts, happiness follows him like a never departing shadow. If with an impure mind a person speaks or acts, suffering follows him like the wheel that follows the foot of an ox.” Internet at last!!!!!! ... on my way home with a stop-over in Bangkok. So much to share....   This journey to Bhutan for me has been such a spiritual one – connecting with the landscape; real Tantric Buddhist philosophy; friendship; and myself.   We spent some time with a nun at the Sangchen Dorji Lhendrup nunnery in Punakha,  and her departing words from the text Dammapada have been in my thoughts and have been contributing to my deeper understanding of Karma through my own inquiry and experience as I am travelling through this amazing country.   We were so fortunate enough to be able to meet with the head Astrologer of Bhutan, a Lama who is the head teacher at the Pangrizampa College for Astrology in Thimpu; and after consulting with his texts he said I had a pure heart and that I give more to others than I receive, and that some speak and act unkindly to me behind my back; that this year has been a difficult one; and I have to be very wary and careful of a dark, demon energy and seek protection from that. He said I have a small number of friends with whom I am loyal to, and yet they have not been loyal to me.   My astrological animal sign is tiger; my element is....
Aeroplane window – toward Bhutan… Bangkok.. Kolkata…
The smell of the cedar-wood shampoo reminded me of my last trip to Kolkata a year ago with Max before our drive through India and Bhutan.  I love Kolkata. Yes. I know. Some are shaking their heads. For some reason being here feels.... hmmmm... can't quite put my finger on it. I think it brings me back to earth and I deepen my sense of gratitude. I am in awe of how so many people here survive and still offer such generosity and kindness.... and work so hard just to survive.   The air this morning was damp and thick as the ravens reminded everyone of the smog, yet the small birds in the courtyard chirped that it was a new day with new opportunities to experience living. As I looked out from under crisp white cotton sheets through...
Nov 25
‘The Shape of Cold’ Antarctica published and available online now!
I am excited to have published 'The Shape of Cold' a beautiful artwork of the collection of my black and white photographs from my first journey to Antarctica in 2014. This book is an expression of my connection with Antarctica; of the way the hand of Nature sculpts 'the shape of cold'. There is a very special relationship revealed with the pairing of images on adjoining pages; which gives this book a quality which is beyond just a collection of exquisite photographs. This book is available to be purchase now on my online store
Nov 24
Selected and invited to Sapmi Arctic Residency – La Wayaka Current – Northern Norway
I am so excited at the privilege to have been selected and invited to attend the Sapmi Arctic Residency in Northern Norway in March/April 2018. I have been exploring my connection with both the Arctic and Antarctic regions and expressing that through my photographs, videos and books; so this residency is another wonderful opportunity to continue with this exploration. The residency is in a wild and feral island where I will be staying in a farm house with a small group of artists for 3 weeks. I feel that I not only have an opportunity to gain a great deal personally through the experience; but my presence, resultant work and continued collaborations and relationships with the community, artists and La Wayaka Current organisation - will be so enriching and valuable. I am soooo excited!! Pop here to see the residency details.
Wrinkles… wisdom.. fairytales and ‘Don’t be sad it’s over – be glad it once was.’
“Once upon a time there was a girl who…”…. You know how fairytales usually begin, and yet not all fairytales have the outcome of the ‘happy ending’ we hope for… even in the original fairytales from back-in-the-day which then were far less sanitised versions of the reality of life!   I’ve been revisiting my images from Greenland and I recalled the day I felt such joy and child-like excitement when I saw these incredible icebergs. It was like fantasy land…. a land of towers… and maidens… and dragons… and men in leather on flying horses diving into caves and dungeons. It was the stage for fantasy and fairy-tales.   Looking at these fantastic images on my computer I then recalled a few weeks ago a story of the hopes shared by a young woman - of a fairytale for her own life.   I sat on the grass...
“Where Do They GO”…. Swimming with whales in Tonga – Book for Oceanographic Conservation
I'm so excited to announce an upcoming venture to support oceanographic conservation through the sale of the publication of my new book "Where Do They Go" in both e-book and hard cover print format. You can have a sneak peek of the online Flip book here Click to view my beautiful ONLINE Flipbook  
Oct 27
Be real. Be honest. Be kind.. and be grateful…. Wanderlust reflections.
Be real. Be honest. Be kind... and be grateful. This is what I distilled from four wonderful days at Wanterlust Sunshine Coast - a conscious living festival unlike any other I've been to. The youngies kept passing me water as I danced like a 'wild thing'.. with them saying they "..wished my mum danced like you." and "When I grow up I want to be like you." (hehehe) I think I was....
Oct 26
When heat meets water – in Iceland…what a show!
When heat meets water - how amazing is the beauty in this alchemy! I've been having the most wonderful time diving into my photographs over the past weeks... interspersed with reading about the history of Russia, Mongolia and Europe!!! I came across a couple of photographs from Iceland last year when we went to near the Vatnajökull Glacier where the lava from the recent eruption of the Holuhraun Volcano runs close to a waterway, heating the water to create steam and creating the most incredible landscape. How amazing is the beauty in the alchemy of water and heat! You can see more posts from Iceland here and more amazing photographs of Greenland after our time in Iceland.
Oct 20
Wanderlust Sunshine Coast – I stood up and surfed!!! hehe
Wanderlust-  I STOOD UP!!!! on a surfboard .... on my very FIRST run... and EVERY run during a lesson at the Wanderlust festival for conscious living at the Sunshine Coast. hehehehe I put my hand up for 3 surfing classes; 7 yoga classes; 5 meditation classes; 1 dance class; 3 talks; 3 concerts... and 3 more events I just can't remember right now. 24 events in 4 days... a time and space for deep reconnection and loads of fun!!! I've wanted to feel...
Oct 17
A flying trip to Sydney – catch up with some Peking to Paris adventurers!
Sydney was the place for a catch up with intrepid car adventurers; at Gerry Crown’s home last week-end. What a wonderful catch up with those who could come and share stories about travelling around the word in crazy cars…  (not that WE are at all crazy!) This great gathering provided an opportunity for me to view from my window seat the cities I have such memories of; Brisbane and Sydney. I would like to share a collage of images which when immersed in viewing out the window… I found myself remembering and thinking how quickly time has passed from when I was a child, and over the decades of both flying and driving the route to Sydney.
‘The Shape of Cold’ – Antarctica Black and White Photographs; Sneak Peek :-) …..
'The Shape of Cold' my next book of beautiful black and white photographs from my first journey to Antarctica is well on it's way to be published!!!! Online Flip Book for a sneak peek!
Oct 06
Words left unsaid…
How many words are left unsaid into a place where time abandons memories and fragments of thoughts melt in silence?    
Sep 29
Lipstick, Kisses and sharing the LOVE!!!
Lipstick hasn't been one of my things. I'm a 'natural beauty' so I've been told... so the make-up thing actually hasn't actually been a 'thing' for me until the celebration Gala dinner in the biggest ballroom in Paris at the end of our epic Peking to Paris car rally. I just couldn't wear my beautiful gown/frock without any lippy! Yesterday, I experienced something quite wonderful after ...
Sep 29
Being Printed right now… “With the Roof Off”… Collector’s Edition Book – Pre-launch purchase
When I’ve felt most alone…..
The moon was hanging alone in the darkness. I looked across the dark void toward the glowing moon on this night of the lunar eclipse, whilst I nested on a lamb’s wool rug and lay protected by large rocks from the cold westerly wind. I asked myself when I felt most alone.   I didn’t feel alone walking in the middle of the night when the eucalypts shadowy arms lay down a path for me along the rocky track to climb our local mountain.   I didn’t feel alone lying there being
Courage….climbing the cliff beside
"Courage is about getting up and climbing the cliff beside the one you've just felt like you've fallen from." Julie Stephenson I had an epiphany last week... one of those moments when the threads all came together to weave an understanding about a quality which has been my companion and guide for my whole life. I was sitting on a local mountain and...